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Venna Melinda Of Miss Indonesia

Venna Melinda (born in Surabaya, East Java, July 20, 1972) is a model and soap star Indonesia.

Began his acting career by starring roles in the film The Boy II Note. But after playing in the film she was stopped and the focus to education. Her career is open again through the arena None Jakarta 1993 and Miss Indonesia 1994.

After that his career continued to climb. Venna was switched to acting and Multivision Plus populated through soap operas and Bella Vista 1 Bella Vista 2. Another soap opera he had ever starred, among others: Month Not Virgin, Opera Jakarta, Tersanjung 5 and Merciful

Since his career began to fade her opera, Venna more active in developing hobbies and fitness treatments. Starting from the establishment of gymnastics studio, he then penetrated the world of dance Salsa.

Venna could have "Gymnastics and Fitness Studios Venna Melinda", but finally he closed the gymnastics studio for managing uncertainty management. Women's bloody Bali also issued a DVD of exercises with the 'exotic dance'.


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